Frequently Asked Questions

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For starters, Fintify helps you by providing valuable insights based on your financial transactions. We give you day to day reports on the transactions across all the accounts linked to Fintify. Our systems, powered by the latest AI algorithms, enable you to track your investments, expenditure and savings. We help you effectively manage your budgets by categorizing your expenses. Our powerful data analytics does all the hard work in the background to give you relevant real-life recommendations.

Its very simple.

  • Download Fintify from Google Play Store or Àpple App Store.
  • Sign up and verify your e-mail address and phone number; yes, we are serious about data security.
  • Generate your mPIN or provide fingerprint authentication; yes, we are extra serious about privacy. Now you are all set.

We, at Fintify, are very serious about security and privacy. Since we are handling financial data, we do not want to leave any stones unturned. The power to manage your data lies with you, and only you. We will need to authenticate both your mobile number as well as your email ID to ensure that it is indeed you we are dealing with.

  • In the UK, bank account data is accessed through secure Open Banking APIs from your financial institution with your explicit consent.
  • This consent is taken during the linking process where your bank authenticates you using the bank's internal authentication mode - bank secure code login, one time password or phone call based verification etc.
  • For banks and financial institutions not in scope of Open Banking in the UK and elsewhere, data is is currently accessed via secure API's using your account credentials.
  • Our data API provider supports Bank grade security and services the top Banks in the USA and Europe with best-in-class’data privacy and security protocols.

Our data API partner has access to over 20,000 financial institutions worldwide. The geographic coverage of financial institutions is across all major countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, UAE, South Africa and many more.

Fintify is a multi-currency platform and currently supports GBP, USD, INR, CAD, AUD, AED, SGD, MYR and many more currencies. Our global coverage of financial institutions allows you to link accounts from multiple countries.


Currently, Fintify is free to use and we plan to keep it that way. Our revenues will come from affiliate partners where we provide you with a curated list of products and services that best suit your requirements. If you choose to buy any of those products or avail any of those services, we receive a nominal commission from the partner.

Fintify is not an advisory platform. We will recommend best suited products and services based on the accounts data that you add on the platform. We will never recommend products that you do not need simply because we will make money from it. We aim to be a fair and honest platform while keeping only your best interests at heart.

  • From all screens, you can click on the '+' floating icon
  • Click on the 'Link Account' button
  • Select your financial institution from the 'Most polular' list or search by entering the name in the search box
  • Login using your user credentials
  • If you are linking an Open Banking enabled site, please follow the steps as per your Bank's process to provide consent

Our usual refresh frequency depends on the type of account:

  • Banking accounts (savings/current/credit): Daily
  • Investment accounts: Daily
  • Insurance accounts: Weekly
  • Mortgages: Monthly
Users can also refresh their accounts individually at an time in the day.

As secure as it can be. We abide by the GDPR guidelines which has strict rules regarding customer information security. To simplify, we are bound to keep your information secure. As an added layer of security, the data we acquire from our customers are encrypted using AES-256 ciphers in storage and TLS 256-bit encryption in transit. And to top it off, we have multi-level authentication in place to ensure that your data is safe from prying eyes.

Absolutely not. Fintify is a account information service provider and we do not have access to any of your transaction credentials. We comply by the GDPR guidelines and the PSD2 guidelines for Open Banking. That means we cannot and will not transact on your behalf. All the data acquired by Fintify is in Read-Only mode.

Yes, the Fintify platform is owned by Qbroot Financial Solutions UK, which is an FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) licensed RAISP (Registered Account Information Service Provider). This license allows us to access bank data for our customers through secure Open Banking / PSD2 API's in the UK.

You are in the driver’s seat with complete control of your data, you can decide how your data is used. We do not share your data with anyone without your explicit consent. You will know what data is stored, how long it will be stored and how it will be used.

We do understand your concern regarding data sharing and we assure you that we have you covered here. Our job is to suggest products/services that will help you in your day-to-day life. In case you show interest in any of those suggested products/services, we will only share your contact details with the service provider. Again, ONLY your contact details and nothing else. Even this will be done only after your explicit approval to do so.

Absolutely. In the unfortunate event that you decide to move on, we will delete all your data according to the GDPR guidelines. Simply select the 'Forget Me Forever' option from the 'Settings' menu. You are in complete control of your data. You decide what to share and more importantly, what not to share with us. We respect your privacy and assure you that none of your data will be retained.

Anytime. You can decide when to unlink or delete any of your accounts from Fintify. Simply select the 'Remove' option from the settings menu for each account in the 'Accounts' screen .

Not one bit of information about you is retained on our servers if you decide to leave us. In case of such an event, we will remove all your data from our servers according to the strict GDPR guidelines.

Yes, the option to hide or unhide an account is available in the settings menu for each account in the 'Accounts' screen. When an account is hidden, the data from that account will not be used for analytics calculations or aggregation views within the app. You can later simply ‘Unhide’ the account to bring it back into all the internal analytics.’.