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Stay on top of your lending decisions using our selection of easy to integrate APIs. From client onboarding, bank verification, suspicious transaction report and affordability checks.

  • Easy client onboarding and bank account verification
  • Bank balance verification with previous 12 months cash flow analysis
  • Affordability checks and suspicious transactions to help understand user's financial habits for better credit evaluation

Financial Planning

Expand your understanding of your user's spending saving and investment patterns using our plug-in APIs to aggregate financial data across assets and liabilities. All of this across multiple currencies and countries.

  • Easy client onboarding and bank account verification
  • Accounts data cross 20,000 global financial institutions
  • Banks, credit cards, insurance, loans, mortgage, pensions, investments. All in one interface.
  • Transaction data analysis and budgeting and alerts to keep customers engaged

Cross Border Payments

Give your users the ability to see which accounts they can transfer money from and also to which international account with balances. Simple API based account linking and aggregation in multiple currency.

  • Bank account verification and balances
  • Users can set alerts and reminders on recurring cross border expenses
  • Transaction data analysis to understand user payment frequency and categories

Cash Back / Reward Programs

Increase the relevance of your loyalty programs and rewards based on user spending preferences. Our transaction listing and analytics APIs help you understand your user like never before.

  • Bank / credit card account linking
  • Transaction analysis with merchant preference report
  • User spending behaviour over previous year with key data insights